Silicone Replacement

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At Ace Marble Polishing, we have a team of trained experts in silicone removal and application who are here to provide high quality silicone seal replacement service to homeowners. Once the new silicone seal is completed, we’ll provide you with maintenance advice so your new silicone seal looks as good as the day it was installed. With an extensive range of colors available, we can guarantee that your new silicone surface will blend into the existing area.

Why Get Old Silicone Replaced?

Silicone seal replacement can restore and improve the floors of your:

  • Bathroom
  • Shower
  • Kitchen tiled areas
  • Kitchen sink
  • Basins

The silicone found in the wet areas of your home is there to protect the wall behind it from water damage. Old or damaged silicone is no longer fully waterproof, causing leaks and allowing moisture to seep through. Replacing the silicone between your tiles, bath, shower or sink is essential to keep this waterproof barrier working effectively. As silicone repair and replacement experts in Toronto, we are always there to help.

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